Which is the best place to put a cat tree

Which is the best place to put a cat tree?

Getting a cat tree in your house is not everything if you cannot place it in a perfect place. It means buying a cat tree becomes meaningful and useful based on its right placement. So, certainly, it is important enough to figure out the best place for setting your cat tree in your house.

Now let us get some ideas about the areas where cat trees can be put and then offer their best functionalities.

Placing in a living room

Though cats are not as sociable as dogs are, they don’t like a compact or small room. Many pet cats don’t get a chance of going out frequently while a cat tree can meet its instinct of roaming on different tree platforms.

Moreover, some cats are enthusiastic to know about the humans living around them, sitting on a high perch. By placing the cat tree in a living room it becomes easier for the felines to feel themselves a part of the family and can know about the people around them.

Near or beside a window

Your cat will definitely, become delighted if you set a cat tree near a window because it will allow your little friend to chirp at birds and observe the outside world. In my opinion, the area beside the window is the best location as it offers access to outside views.

Cats enjoy watching outside happenings from their tree. They get mental stimulation as they can interact with birds and watch natural beauty from the cat tree placed near the window.

A cat tree near a window works like a television for the cat as he can watch so many different things through the glass of the window while sitting or lying on the tree. It nurtures their instincts and makes them feel a part of nature. Additionally, when a cat watches a bird flying outside his brain works terribly and a strong hunting instinct raises in him

Cat tree at a sunny spot

There may be several places in your house enriched with sunshine; for example, the balcony, front of your window or some other places. Any of these areas could be adorned with a cat tower so that your cat can enjoy the sun-hit and take a heavenly nap.

Socially significant place

Though cats don’t like crowdy places they don’t even like a place which doesn’t get the normal movement of humans. That means they require a cat tree on the spot where folks are most likely to hang out. So, it could be the living room or game room of your residence where your family members spend most of their time.

Cat’s favourite place

Observe your cat for a few days to know where it likes to spend most of its time.

Suppose, it is a couch beside a window your feline loves spending time with, then replace the couch with the cat tree and look how entertaining time your cat or kitty spends! But sometimes it may not be possible to set a tree in the spot where the cat spends more time. In that case, try to fit the tree at least in that particular room.

Changing the scratched furniture

Suppose, your cat is damaging a piece of furniture by scratching it regularly. To protect your furniture from scratching you may place a cat tree just beside that particular furniture and make sure that the cat tree is taller than that furniture so that your feline becomes fascinated with the newly placed cat tree and starts scratching the tree leaving your household furniture.

Bedroom with plenty of space

Most people spend a good amount of time in their bedrooms and cats like to stay in the company of their owners. So, if your bedroom is really spacious you may consider placing a cat tree over there, especially in the corner of the room. But be sure that the room won’t get overcrowded. Otherwise, you may get hurt with this nice piece of furniture at any time.

It is a fact that there is no particular place which you can consider the best place for any cat to set up a cat tree. So, the reality is, you are to find out the place where your cat feels comfortable and interesting as well and this very place would be the best one for the placement of a cat tree.


However, in terms of finding out the best place for your cat tree you are to think about the importance of the place as well. Bear in mind, indoor cats are eager to mingle with the family and enjoy their own territory sitting on a cat tree. So the tree should be placed in such a place where they can meet up these demands.

Most importantly, the place should be safe enough so that your cat can spend his time securely. Otherwise, your money and dedication all will go in vain.

Last Updated on June 20, 2023

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