Where should you put a cat carrier in the car

Where should you put a cat carrier in the car?

Riding in a car along with your cat is simply dangerous if you have not taken any safeguards to restrain your cat. Free movement of your cat may cause an accident by making a breach in your attention when you are driving. In this case, a cat carrier can work precisely to get the entire car journey safe and secure for both you and your cat.

But where and how should you put the cat carrier inside the car? This write-up is presented only to focus on this issue.
If you want to have a journey with your cat, a cat carrier is a must-have item to make both your and your cat’s journey safe as well as pleasant.

But if you don’t set it in the car properly the whole journey will become doomed. From this article, you will get a guideline about where you should put a cat carrier in the car.

Usually, the passenger seat of a car is an ideal place to put a cat carrier safely with the help of the seatbelt. By threading the seatbelt through the carrier handle you can secure the carrier in the car perfectly. At the same time, ensure that the carrier is locked down firmly so your cat can’t come out of it.

This is the best way for the carrier not to be freely moving around inside the car. While driving you can set it on the seat beside yours so you can monitor your cat all over the journey.

Before you purchase a cat carrier you should know about its variants. There are cat strollers, cat-crate, cat-bag, cat backpacks and so on. Among these only, the cat stroller cannot be placed inside the car but rather in the car trunk after making it vacant and folding it but the other ones can be put on the car seat.

Don’t place your cat carrier directly in front of the heater in the car when the heater is on. Your pet would feel discomfort. Moreover, cats are truly susceptible to heatstroke.
Remarkably many car seats are a bit sloppy.

So, it would be better to place something like a rolled-up towel under the carrier to make a flat platform for it. This position would make your cat feel secure and cozy.

If your cat carrier is large in size to offer more space to your furry friend, you have to place it on the back seat of the car as it will offer more space.

Then strap it with the optimum level of security using the seatbelt but if the belt is not long enough to reach around the carrier, there is another option to use an elastic bungee cord to fix it in place.

Special Considerations

Always remember to shop for a robust cat carrier that is, a hard-sided carrier if it is to carry inside the car because the sturdiness of a carrier may protect your cat if there happens an accident.

Never place your carrier with your cat in the boot of your car as the cat will become highly stressed by the noise and lack of light and air.

Build up a positive relationship between your cat and cat carrier so that the pet becomes friendly to get contained in the carrier during any car trip. So, leave out the carrier at a place of your residence all the time so your cat can play with it or use it whenever he likes.

On the other hand, if you bring it out a few minutes before a car trip the cat will consider the carrier just a scary item for him.

Before you start the car journey along with your cat and carrier, just check whether the carrier is fully fastened with the car seat or not to avoid any incidents.


A cat carrier helps a cat to remain calm in an unknown and unfamiliar situation though you should always offer your cat a treat after reaching your destination as positive reinforcement.

However, finally, it can be said the passenger seat in the car is the perfect one to put your cat carrier in as you can keep your eyes on it but if it is large in size, you can place it on the back seat of the car certainly.

Last Updated on January 17, 2023

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