What kind of cat beds do cats prefer

What kind of cat beds do cats prefer?

A cat bed is solely dedicated to a cat’s lounging and sleeping. It means a cat can claim his cat bed as his personal resting spot. While a variety of cat beds are available in different pet stores so it may be difficult to try out which one would be the most likeable for your cats.

Bearing this issue in mind this article is going to describe different considerable points and a variety of cat beds to deliver a precise idea that would be pretty helpful for you to assess your cat’s preference in this regard.

Considerations while picking a cat bed

Material: Cat beds are made of different materials. The material a cat bed is made of should be considered with intense importance. As all cats are not the same and some fabrics are itchy which may cause an allergic problem so it is wise to pick a bed made with cotton or wool to keep your cat away from the said problem.

Washing friendly: A cat bed should be kept hygienic always by cleaning it regularly. So, pick a cat bed which is easily cleanable but it would be best if you buy a cat bed with a washable cover for easy cleanup.

Right Size bed: Beds come in different sizes- large, medium and small. Before you choose, make sure that your cat will get snuggly fit in the bed you are going to purchase. To know the perfect size of your cat bed, measure your cat’s length and width first and then add a few inches to get the suitable size for your pet’s bed.

Mobility issue: If your cat is facing any movement problems then opt for a cat bed without raised sides to ensure comfortable entry and exit.

You will get different shapes and different styles of cat beds in pet product stores. If you know even a brief about them it would help you a lot to select the most preferable cat bed for your feline.

Round-shaped cat bed: It is the most common shape of a cat bed. Some round-shaped cat beds are circular with a bolster-like edge and some are circular with a cushion in the middle.

Usually, all the round beds have raised rims and if your cat doesn’t feel any difficulty getting on and off it, that means if he prefers it for his cosiness you can select this type of bed without worries.
Calming Cat Bed and Amazon Basics Round Pet Bed are remarkable among these beds.

Cave cat bed: This type of cat bed looks like a tent and it works as a cat house. Most of these types of beds are 2-in-1 designed which means in regular shape it works as a cat-house and when you fold it and keep the cushion in the middle it gets the shape of a bed.

That means it provides your pet with double benefits.
Bedsure cat bed and Hollypet Cat Bed Kitten Bed are the ideal examples of this type of bed.

Window cat bed: As cats become delighted watching outside happenings so most of them appreciate window cat beds because these types of cat beds are attached to windows to let the felines watch the outside views and chatter at the birds.

A window cat bed can bring your cat out of boredom. This nice piece of cat product increases the beauty of the room’s décor where you attach it.

Dracarys Cat Hammock Window Bed and ZALALOVA Cat Perch are mentionable of these types of beds.

Cat Radiator bed: This type of bed gets attached to your room radiator so it can offer your cat a cosy warm place. Cats who love to keep themselves in a heated place appreciate this model of cat bed. A cat radiator bed is ideal for extremely cool weather.

If your cat prefers a cat radiator bed you may opt for Rosewood Bamboo Cat Radiator Bed or Petlicity warm and Cozy Radiator bed.


Have you ever tried out your cat’s preference in terms of a cat bed? It is only you who can assume the best about your cat’s demand.

But if you consider this article as a guideline while choosing a cat bed you will surely select the most suitable one for your lovely feline.

Last Updated on June 20, 2023

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