What are the benefits of cat trees for cats

What are the benefits of cat trees for cats?

Like most human beings pets are also interested to stay in a touch with nature because they like to feel themselves a part of it. But if your cat doesn’t get enough chances for outings then an indoor cat tree can meet his demand of getting the thrill of going out, playing, scratching, exercising and so on.

Because of having several benefits, cat trees are being popular day by day. So, this write-up is intended to throw some light on the positive sides of a cat tree.

A cat tree goes by many names like scratchers, towers, perches, etc., while serving many functions. The functionalities of a cat tree make it beneficial to our indoor cats.

Meets scratching hunger: A cat tree may have multiple scratching posts or scratching surfaces to allow your cats to take nail care. But nail care is not the only purpose of scratching, rather scratching is a way by which cats spread their scent and this scent is an important communication tool.

That means using cat-smell cats can share their information. Cats’ smell which spreads by scratching helps to know where they like to exist and how long ago they were there. Furthermore, when a cat goes under mental stress it scratches the scratching poles of the tree more.

All it means, a cat tree provides your feline with a scratching mate. Admittedly, this scratching mate prevents your cat from scratching and then damaging your furniture since it keeps cats busy in nail grinding with the cat tree scratching posts. Cat trees mean delivering extra opportunities to scratch and rub.

Offers a sense of security: Cats are always willing to posit on a high vantage point so they can observe their surroundings. Taking a position high up from the ground also provides them with a sense of security. It makes them feel less fearful. So, they become less likely to run away and hide getting scared.

Helpful to avoid conflict: If you have multiple cats then it is wise to choose a large or tall cat tree with a multitude of platforms or playing options. Because tall towers let cats maintain distance from each other which helps to avoid conflict. A tall cat tower vertically increases space for the felines to live in a small apartment.

Satisfies demand for personal space: A cat tree can indulge your cat’s instinct of having personal space. They claim it as their kingdom where they feel safe enough to perform every activity. When a feline becomes fascinated by a cat tree he considers it as his area for dwelling.

Now, if you want to make your cat a king of a large-sized cat tree then you can offer him the Meer veil Cat Tree which is 186 cm high with a multitude of levels and so many entertaining options.

Hiding, lounging and sleeping spots: Some cat trees are designed with enclosed hiding spots or condos which are ideal for your cat’s hiding. There may be one or more perches and hammocks on different levels to offer your cat to sleep and lounge securely.

Source of entertainment: Inside your residence, it is only a cat tree that can offer your cat hours of endless joy. A cat tree is a structure that lets your cats climb on it rather than your furniture. They can jump from one perch to another and play with dangling toys.

So, if you don’t offer them a cat tower to meet their climbing and jumping instinct your furniture will fall prey.

A cat tower is an amusement perk where your cats or kitties can have adequate exercise with entertainment, promoting their health better. Remarkably, when you are not at home a cat tree with its multitude of entertaining options can keep your felines busy for hours securely which takes them out of boredom also.

Summary: Inline, it can be said, for several remarkable benefits cat trees are extremely useful for your feline friends and if the tree has a variety of levels, perches, scratching spots, and dangling toys then it is nothing but a haven for your beloved cat.

So, gift a cat tree to your cats and allow them for getting up to all kinds of mischief in it.

Last Updated on January 17, 2023

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