How to clean a cat tree?

How to clean a cat tree?

Cat trees are introduced to offer your cats a place of amusement with multiple options. Moreover, cat trees are thoughtfully designed to seamlessly adjust with your existing room decor.

But when a cat tree becomes dirty after using it regularly, it needs proper cleaning to keep it hygienic for your adorable cats. This cleaning also makes this nice piece of cat furniture a presentable one in any of your rooms by giving it a neat and clean look.

The problem is there, many people do not know the simple but right way to clean a cat tree. Bearing this issue in mind, today we are here with our write–up to let you know how a cat tree can be cleaned properly.

Step-by-step cleaning method

Dismantle the entire tree: It is impossible to throw a whole cat tree into a washing machine so if you want to wash all the parts separately, dismantle the tree and take it apart. Some trees require tools to make it disassembled, while others can be done manually. But this step is not essential if you feel below confident to reassemble it properly.

Repairing: Over time, the fabrics and scratching materials of a cat tree get torn or loose. Remove the loose ends to make the tree cleaner and eventually the fabric will no longer be snagged. You can replace cardboard scratchers with store-bought scratchers and rewrap scratching posts with jute or sisal rope which will make the cat tree look like a new one. Use a box cutter to remove the old torn jute from the scratching poles and replace the new jute at the same place.

Use of a scrubbing brush: Cat hair falls frequently. So, you may get hair everywhere on a cat tree. To clean the cat hair you can use a vacuum cleaner but before that use a scrub brush on the fabric and jute to loosen the cat hair which will help the vacuum cleaner to remove the hair as much as possible. You can do this process repeatedly to get a fresh and new look for your cat tree.

Using Lint rollers: Some fabric surfaces are there which cannot be washed. You can use Lint rollers to clean this type of fabric cover. By using Lint rollers you can remove hairs and unwanted fibres from any part of a cat tree. To remove all the hair and fibres from a cat tree you can use a Lint roller several times instead of a vacuum cleaner.

Stain removal: There may be some stains noticeable on the fabric cover of the cat tree which require the use of stain remover made of chemicals to remove them. Before you start this step you need to put on rubber gloves on your hands and be sure the stain remover contains the right chemical that is not harmful to the fabric cover. The removable fabric cover can be easily washed in the washing machine. Always consider the best stain removal product from the wide range of options on the market.

Laundry detergent and bleach solution can make your removable fabric cover the highest level of clean and always let the fabric air dry properly before you reuse it.

Cleaning the hard surfaces: Sometimes cats walk around in their litter boxes and then jump on the cat tree which makes the tree unhygienic for them. You can clean all the hard surfaces by using a cat-safe cleaning spray. Especially, the hard surfaces underneath the fabric cover when you remove them for washing. However, it is important to keep the entire area clean and disinfected because of preventing the spread of bacteria.

Removing fabric odour: After making the fabric of the cat tree dried properly it is quite easy to remove its odour, if it has, by using baking soda. For this purpose, you have to sprinkle baking soda over it and leave it for at least 10 minutes, but it would be better if you leave it for an hour. Baking soda removes odour better the longer it remains on the fabric. You can also use a commercial odour neutralizer instead of baking soda.

Step to disinfect: At this step, you can disinfect the cat tree with hydrogen peroxide. You are to spray the liquid form of it. But remember to dilute it with water before you spray. It kills bacteria and other microorganisms. Most surface bacteria or viruses become killed within 30 seconds after you spray a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. So it is a great way to sterilize a cat tree. Remarkably, when you are going through this step don’t forget to keep your cat away from the cat tree.

Reassembling: Now, it is time to put it together. Yep, after getting confirmed that you have washed and dried properly the fabric, all the repairs are done and cleaned and sterilized the hard surfaces, you can erect and place the cat tree as it was before washing.

To keep a cat tree in a good condition for a long time, it is better to clean it every few weeks. But pulling it apart and deep cleaning it all at once takes a longer time. So, it is wise to take the help of a vacuum cleaner, lint rollers and required repairs, so you can save time and keep it hygienic for your little companion.

If you follow this entire cleaning method without skipping any step, you will certainly get a super clean cat tree with a fresh look and healthy environment.


If you take good care of your cat tree it lasts for a long time. While if you don’t keep it clean it may cause different diseases in both you and your feline. So, take it seriously and make it clean properly for the sake of your beloved cat’s good health and at the same time a feeling of peace in your mind.

Last Updated on January 17, 2023

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