How to clean a cat carrier

How to clean a cat carrier?

When you use a cat carrier regularly or take it along on a vacation to make your furry friend’s life more adventurous, after coming back home certainly you get the carrier in a dirty condition. Then you must make it hygienic by cleaning properly for the safety of your as well as your little companion’s health.

This write-up would provide you with the guideline on the perfect way to clean your cat carrier and surely you will feel it helps in maintaining the carrier.

Why should you clean a cat carrier?

A cat carrier is advantageous for your cat from different angles, but if it is not clean enough, it will become alarming for both you and your cat for several practical reasons, which are highlighted here in brief.

  • A dirty cat carrier is the habitat of germs as there are possibilities for your cat to poop and urinate inside it. It may cause different diseases and your cat becomes sick. So, you should consider cleaning it seriously.
  • Cats are always fond of staying in a neat and clean place which is comfortable also. So, a place with stains and an unpleasant smell can never be an ideal place for cat-dwelling. If you make a journey taking a dirty carrier, the entire trip for your cat will be just hell.
  • The cleanliness of a cat carrier tells whether you are conscious enough about your cat’s health as a pet parent.
  • Whenever you clean the cat carrier, clean it properly with intensive care so that it lasts longer.

So, if you want to stay away from all these downsides, just clean your cat carrier regularly in a proper way.

Cleaning method of a cat carrier

In terms of cleaning a cat carrier, you won’t get any universal method to follow rather several ways are there to clean a carrier and pet parents pick the one which is the most convenient for them. But we are going to present here the most acceptable and perfect method for cleaning a cat carrier in the quickest possible time.

  • First of all, wash your hands properly and put on a pair of disposable gloves to keep your hands safe. Now, make the carrier vacant by removing things like clothes, blankets, water, litter, food bowl etc.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to remove food debris, cat hair, crumbs and other small things. A vacuum cleaner makes the cleaning process easier and safer.
  • It is difficult to clean hard-dried food, urine stain, hair, poop etc. in the carrier. In this case, soap or detergent will help you enough and you may use a brush also to scrape off any substance stuck on the carrier. Work with disinfectant to remove stains.
  • If you have a carrier with a removable pad, you can wash them with a washing machine using the hottest cycle.
  • Shop for a top-rated disinfectant at the budget price and use it during cleaning the carrier. If you are not interested to use disinfectant, bleach solution can be the alternative which will not have any detergent characteristics but can be used in cleaning the carrier. This solution also fights against fungi and bacteria.
  • Make the litter box vacant by removing all the poop and urine from it. Then clean it using soap or detergent. Rinse the litter box with warm water and after that spray a pet disinfectant to make the litter box free from all germs. You can apply this cleaning process for all other items like bowls, toys etc.
  • Now, it is time to wash the entire carrier with fresh water by rinsing it well so that all the chemicals go off the carrier. After doing so, place the carrier on a spot where it will get plenty of sunlight to get a perfect sun-dry.

Now, this is the whole process to clean a cat carrier perfectly.


  • Never pour water into bleach rather bleach into water to get a dilute solution.
  • Take the help of a pet-safe degreaser to make the greasy debris out of the carrier.
  • Don’t use disinfectants containing phenolic as they are harmful to cats.
  • Prepare bleach water solution following the correct ratio of water and bleach and leave it for 10 minutes to get ready for work.


A clean and clear cat carrier is considered a haven for your cat while travelling. It makes your cat feel happy. It offers your cat a nice journey with a fresh feeling.
A dirty carrier may cause disease to both you and your cat. That means, keeping it clean is safe for both of you two. So, keep your cat carrier clean all the time and let your lovely cat travel in a healthy environment.

Last Updated on January 17, 2023

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