How to choose a cat tree

How to choose a cat tree?

Spending time and money should always be meaningful and if it is a matter of keeping your cat healthy with entertainment then shopping for a cat tree would be one of the best investments.

Whereas a cat tree is a nice piece of furniture which can give your cat company for hours securely; so, certainly when you are choosing a cat tree bear in mind the following considerations.

Suitability with cat’s age

Kittens are usually restless and playful in character. They are more able to climb and jump. So, if you have a kitten choosing a cat tree with a tall height and a multitude of levels would be a wise pick. Even if it is possible you can accommodate multiple trees in different places in your house. For your cute kittens Yaheetech 139cm Large Cat Tree could be a nice collection.

When a cat is 10 years old you can consider him SENIOR. For a senior cat, a simple cat tree with less height could be appropriate as they spend most of their time lounging and jumping is not that easy for them. So, before you choose a cat tree consider your cat’s age.

Estimate your space

Cat trees come in different sizes- small and large, vertical and horizontal. If you can choose a large tree with an elaborate set-up definitely, your cat will enjoy it a lot.

But a large tree occupies plenty of space on your floor and if it is not possible for you to leave that amount of space, don’t worry, there are some other options which would take a little space so you can accommodate it at your home easily.

Floor-to-ceiling, door-attached or wall-attached cat trees may give you the solution to come out of this issue. So, before you opt for a cat tree you must estimate the space you have specified for.

Care for your cat’s likes

keep your cat under observation to find out his likes and dislikes. If your cat is extremely fond of clawing you can choose cat trees with multiple scratching poles or surfaces. Remarkably, there are scratching boards in small pieces with a variety of textures available in many pet stores.

As cats like to scratch different textures so try out the texture your cat prefers before selecting the final one.

If he likes climbing much then select a tree designed with a variety of climbing options and high vantage points. But if you find your cat likes to hide under the bed that means he might have fun with a small height cat tree.

On the other hand, lazy as well as older cats are eager to lounge cozily for whom trees with hammocks and perches are suitable enough. Bear in mind that all cats do not like the same things.


Have a terrible check for the sturdiness of your cat tree. The entire cat tree should be extremely reinforced so it can withstand the force of jumping and climbing during playtime otherwise it can cause the tree to wobble and even topple over. It is better to choose a cat tree with a heavier base.

The necessity of condos

If you find that your cat is not that sociable, enjoys curling up in a small place and like to be out of sight then choose a cat tree with enclosed places or condos.

Because this little dwelling place will meet your cat’s instinct of hiding and the demand of having a comfortable hideout. This condo may give your cat a sense of feeling to have a space of completely his own. Importantly, if you have multiple cats then ensure one condo per cat.

Maximum capacity

Know the exact weight of your feline and check the maximum carrying capacity of the cat tree you are going to have. If you have multiple cats then it is more important to know the withstanding capacity of the cat tree.

Don’t get obsessed with finding out the most preferred cat tree for your little companion. Just keep in mind the issues highlighted in this write-up which would help you the level best.


However, though the considerations mentioned above are essential to look for while choosing a cat tree, to ensure a better world for your cats or kittens never forget to deliberately choose a cat tree which is made sustainably, long-lasting and built with quality materials.

Otherwise, it won’t be safe enough for your lovely feline to use regularly.

Last Updated on January 17, 2023

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