How big should a cat carrier be

How big should a cat carrier be?

When you are going to buy a cat carrier for your cat, measuring the right size of the carrier is the first and foremost matter of consideration. Because it is relevant to safety and cosiness. So, always give priority to the size of the carrier.

The matter of the cost of a carrier comes later because a wrong-sized carrier with a high price cannot ensure safety and comfort. It may make your cat anxious to come out. On the other hand, a perfect-size carrier with less cost could be the perfect one for your feline.

However, there is nothing to overthink about determining the right size of a cat carrier that you are to buy. Because this article is devoted to helping you in this regard.

The process to measure the right size

  • Keep your cat by the side of a wall in a normal standing position.
  • Now you have to measure the length of your cat from the tip of the nose to the root of the tail and multiply it by 1.5 times.
  • In the third step, measure the height of your cat from the ground to the highest point of your cat which means your cat’s head. Now multiply the height by 1.5.

This calculation indicates that the carrier will be 1.5 times larger than your cat and in this way of measurement, you are getting the minimum size of the carrier.

But there is no assurance that you will get that accurate length carrier for your fur. So try to get the size as close as possible.

Remarkably, if you want to use this carrier to carry your cat for a long journey then there may some more space be needed inside the carrier to accommodate a litter tray, food bowl and water bowl. Many carriers are there which come along with these items.

But if it costs high for you, you can opt for a carrier that has enough space to set these items and also can leave adequate space for your feline to move around.

What’s wrong with a cat carrier which is too big?

Usually, it is considered that a right-sized carrier is one and a half times bigger than the size of a cat which is to contain. Actually, the space that lets your cat turn around, stretch out easily and stand up without any hindrance is the right space for the carrier for your cat.

On the other hand, if the carrier is too big your cat may get scared to stay inside it and hide in a corner of the carrier. Because they are not that fond of travelling and dislike leaving their cozy place. To give her a sense of security you should make her back able to feel against the wall of the carrier.

Moreover, when the crate is too large compared to the cat’s size while transporting she feels like having a ride at an amusement park as he gets slid from one side to another again and again and no one likes to travel in that way. It means, if the carrier is too big it becomes uncomfortable for the cat in case of keeping balance inside when you move the carrier.

Downsides of a very small carrier

If you keep your lovely four-legged companion in a too-small carrier she will feel captivated which is inhumane. Because your cat will feel stuck in the carrier and won’t be able to turn around at all and ultimately it will cause body pain.

Moreover, if the trip is long your cat will go under suffocate and become sick. So, never be so impractical and hate too small carriers for your little friend.

Carrier Size for a growing kitten

The rule of determining the size of a carrier cannot be followed in the case of a kitten’s carrier. Because kittens have a very fast growth rate. That’s why within a few months, you will observe that your kitten has outgrown the carrier and you need to buy another crate which is irritating.

In this regard, the intelligent idea to measure your kitten’s carrier is to figure out the size your kitten will get when she is matured. If you feel measuring her size at her adult stage is complex, you can take the help of a cat expert.

After knowing your kitten’s size in the coming adult stage multiply that by 1.5 and get the right size carrier for that length.

Some More Considerations

If you are thinking about international travel with your cat, then must check with the airline guidelines whether your cat carrier meets those.
In case of long-road journeys opt for a carrier with plenty of space so your cat can stretch out, move around inside the carrier, and feel relaxed as well as less nervous.

But when it is a matter of a trip to the vet, you can roughly follow the size that you determined earlier as it doesn’t take a long time.


Hopefully, this write-up would guide you to figure out the size of your cat carrier properly. So take the correct measurement of your cat before you go to buy a carrier and always bear in mind that a wrong-sized carrier is just hell for your adorable cat, especially for a long journey.

Last Updated on January 17, 2023

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