grain free cat food UK

Grain-Free Cat Food UK

Grain-free cat foods are always risk-free from allergies and friendly for weight management. These foods are also easily digestible, so helpful for sensitive stomachs.

If your cat is suffering from a sensitive stomach, you can make a change in his diet by adding grain-free cat food gradually.

For your convenience, we have a round-up of different grain-free cat foods in the UK.

Grain-Free Cat Food UK To Purchase In 2023

Here are our 7 Grain-Free Cat Food UK

1. Crave Dry Cat Food

Crave Dry Cat Food

  • Flavour: Turkey and Chicken
  • Size: 750 grams (Pack of 3)

Crave Dry Cat Food is a premium-quality adult cat diet which is composed of natural ingredients. Its flavour works like an appetizer and satisfies your cat’s hunger with meaty kibbles made of Turkey and Chicken. It contains 3 sachets in one mega pack, each of which has 750 grams of the food.

The food is designed with real pieces of meat enriched with heavy protein that is helpful to make your pet’s muscles stronger and keep him healthy. It doesn’t include maize, wheat, soya and dairy. This delicious dry pet food is made with 60% animal sources.

Crave Dry Cat Food is really caring for your cats with sensitive tummies. It is a favourite food for healthy cats who like to eat plentiful meat. This food is a complete diet with mouth-watering flavour and natural proteins. There is no artificial colours or flavours are included.


2. Applaws Complete Natural and Grain Free

Applaws Complete Natural and Grain Free

  • Flavour: Chicken 4
  • Size: 2 kilograms (Pack of 1)
  • Form of Item: Granule

Applaws Complete dry adult cat food is an ideal diet for all adult cat breeds. It contains 80% chicken which is high-quality protein meat. Its natural ingredients and included vitamins and minerals make the food a completely balanced one.

It ensures easier digestion and weight management by following a grain-free recipe. The food also gives relief from grain-related allergies.

It adopts natural Omega-3 and 6 for the betterment of your cat’s heart, brain and eyes health. Omega-6 also nourishes joint health and a shiny coat and skin.

This hypoallergenic and balanced recipe adopts vitamins and minerals to fulfil your cat’s daily requirements of nutrition. Applaws Complete dry adult cat food is deliberately formulated for the well-being of adult cats.


3. Scrumbles All Natural Wet Cat Food

Scrumbles All Natural Wet Cat Food

  • Flavour: Chicken
  • Size: 85 grams(Pack of 8)
  • Item Weight: 680 grams

Scrumbles All Natural Wet Cat Food is a hydrating grain-free food which adopts 70% fresh British meat. It includes salmon oil to ensure Omega 3. This food contains essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids like taurine which help your kitties maintain a healthy heart, brain, skin and coat.

No nasties are added here. Only natural ingredients and animal protein are included which are easily digestible and highly tasty. It is a gluten-free pet food that sensitive tummies love. It improves digestive health with added probiotics or slippery elm.

Scrumbles All Natural Wet Cat Food maintains premium quality by including natural, responsibly sourced ingredients and human-grade meat. It presents a multipack of 8 X 85g Pouches. This delicious food is made in the UK and it is truly caring for your adorable cat.


4. AATU 85/15 Dry Cat Food

AATU 8515 Dry Cat Food

  • Flavour Name: Chicken
  • Size: 3 kilograms

AATU 85/15 Dry Cat Food consists of 85% fresh chicken and 15% super-8 fruit and vegetables. It is so a delicious meal that your kitty will not be able to say no. Try out this item for your kitty and let him enjoy his meal.

This dry cat food delivers vital nutrients through the combination of 8 Vegetables, 8 Fruits, 8 Herbs, 8 Botanicals and spices. It is highly tasty and nutritious. Additionally, this food follows a concentrated formula for lower maintenance.

It is a high-meat-content food that makes your cat more active and healthier. AATU 85/15 Dry Cat Food is a fabulous product that helps your cat get rid of any health issues.


5. Bundle of Encore and Grain Free

 Bundle of Encore and Grain Free

  • Flavour: Chicken and Salmon
  • Form of Item: Dry

This Bundle of Encore and Grain Free contains 2 items. One adopts 80% chicken and salmon and the other adopts 80% chicken. Both items combine 100%natural ingredients that cats love. These foods don’t include any unnecessary cereals, fillers or preservatives but real meat.

The high protein of the food items provides support to make lean muscle tissue. These wet cat foods are perfect for any dry food. You can offer your cat this wet food alongside any dry cat food.

Bundle of Encore Complete and Grain Free Adult Dry Cat Food is a nutritionally balanced and complete pet diet. If you offer your cat this diet, it will become his favourite one within a short time.


6. Josera Cat Kitten Grainfree

Josera Cat Kitten Grainfree

  • Flavour Name: Poultry
  • Form of Item: Grain
  • Product Weight: 2 kilograms

Josera Cat Kitten Grain-free food contains meat that smells nice. It is crunchy and comfortable to chew on. Remarkably, it is reasonably priced. After around 2 months of feeding your cat will get a nice, soft and shiny coat of his fur.

It is a well-tolerated food. This food will satisfy you through its quality. It works as an anti-hairball and ensures optimal growth of your cat. Josera Cat Kitten Grainfree adopts 84% animal protein and it is a fabulous food for kittens. No artificial colours or flavours are included in this food.


7. Bozita Kitten Grain-free Chicken

Bozita Kitten Grain free Chicken

  • Flavour Name: Chicken
  • Particular Uses: Pregnancy

Bozita Kitten Grain-free Chicken cat food maintains natural quality as it is prepared with natural ingredients. It adopts 90% animal protein. This food is well tolerated and has a range of items to serve different purposes.

Bozita Kitten Grain-free Chicken is an ideal food for cats who have sensitive stomachs. It is specially made for the well-being of the cats.



It’s never possible to keep your cat healthy and active without delivering him the perfect food according to his requirement. So, consider your cat’s health issues and nutritional demands and make an ultimate choice of food for him.

If it’s for my cat, I would like to choose AATU 85/15 Dry Cat Food because it is a high-meat-content food and my cat is very much fond of meaty kibbles. Now, choose a Grain-free cat food, in the UK, and offer palatable meals for your lovely cat.

Last Updated on June 20, 2023

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