Expensive Cat Tree UK

Expensive Cat Tree UK

If you do not want your furniture to get scratched anymore by your furry family members, then you need to shop for a supreme quality cat tree with a lot of entertaining sources and enjoyable scratching posts as well. But such quality products get expensive price levels.

If you don’t want to compromise your cat’s enjoyment and are eager to keep your furniture scratch-free you may consider one of the Expensive Cat Trees from our dependable collection. Here we have a descriptive presentation of the products in our collection.

Expensive Cat Tree, UK To Purchase In 2022

Here are our 5 Expensive Cat Trees UK

1. Amazon Basics Extra Large Cat Tree

Amazon Basics Extra Large Cat Tree

  • Style Name: Step Ladder
  • Item Dimensions: 49 x 126 x 49 centimetres
    L x W x H
  • Colour: Beige

Amazon Basics Extra Large Cat Tree is a well made fabulous cat tree with a large base that offers a stable foundation so that it does not topple anyway. Moreover, the item weight is 12.9 kilograms. It is solid and nicely constructed.

This product is great for large cats.
It has several platforms as well as scratching posts. Each platform has space for relaxation. This unique furniture play tower resists your cat from damaging carpets, curtains and furniture.

The scratching posts are wrapped with jute rope, satisfying the proclivity of your cat’s shredding claws. The jute-fibered scratching posts help your cat to keep its nails healthy.

The cat tree is easy to put together and it includes carpeted platforms. Its top perch with a circular rim is a cozy area for sleeping. This cat tree is quite tall and your cat will like it. Due to its natural colour, the cat tree blends with your home interiors soberly.

This condo tower is a perfect playing zone that entertains your cat for hours. The dangling balls are attached to the cat tree firmly and these are replaceable. Amazon Basics cat tree is a source of endless fun and there is no doubt that this cat tree will give you good value for your money.




  • Colour: Beige
  • Item Dimensions: 61 x 51.1 x 145 centimetres
    L x W x H
  • Weight: 37.7 pounds (17.1kg)

BEWISHOME Cat Tree is basically a lovely cat castle that is structured with a balanced design. This cat tower is constructed using quality plush material which gives your cats a soft and cozy feeling. Its solid foundation ensures your fur babies’ safety.

It has two roomy caves which are nicely cushioned. They can hide and take a comfortable nap in these caves. It has multiple layers and two of them are spacious perches with raised edges. Sitting on the perches your cat can look out the window to watch birds, and squirrels and enjoy nature.

This luxury cat tree features a lot of entertaining segments such as plenty of resting room, sisal scratching pillars to prevent cats from clawing up your furniture, a comfortable hammock, interactive dangling balls and several layers to climb up and down. It is really a large estate with plenty of fun for your all size cats.

BEWISHOME Cat Tree provides a wall anchor strap to attach it to the wall for extra sturdiness while multiple cats are using it. This unique cat tree is great for cats of all sizes. No doubt, your cat will become happy getting this cute castle.




  • Colour: Smoky Grey
  • Item Weight: 6.7 Kilograms
  • Size: 15.75″L x 15.75″D x 23.23″H

BEWISHOME Cat Tree has got solid construction with an ideal design. Its strong foundation ensures the safety of your playful cats. It is well-built and made with high-quality plush material to give your furry friends a comfortable touch.

It has a wide cat house that is nicely cushioned and your kittens can move around in this condo. The top perch has a large cat bed with a raised edge so that your fur baby can sit on and lay safely.

This condo tower features plenty of lounging room to sleep, sisal scratching posts to resist your cat from scratching furniture, curtains etc. and a dangling ball to play with.

This cat condo is entertaining enough for your cats. Due to its super-solid structure and well-balanced layout cats can smoothly and safely jump on or off this cat tower. The cat tree is fairly easy to assemble and looks very sturdy.

BEWISHOME Cat Tree has got a decent appearance for which it plays the role of nice look cat furniture in any room of your house.


4. Kerbl Dolomit Cat Tree

Kerbl Dolomit Cat Tree

  • Colour: White
  • Item Dimensions: 47 x 46 x 40 centimetres
    L x W x H
  • Item Weight: 7.5 Kilograms

Our Kerbl Dolomit Cat Tree is designed with a space-saving feature. It has no base for which it does not occupy any space on the floor. It has multiple layers and got wall attaching system.

The platforms have soft and comfortable plush cushions with velcro straps and the cushions are detachable. It has a cat-cave with a measurement of the diameter of 40 x 30 cm, height: 168 cm, hammock: 45 x 30 cm, lie down area: diameter of 40 cm, and post: diameter of 10 cm.

Its scratching post is wrapped with sisal taking the help of glue. This cat tower is easy to assemble following the diagramed instructions. Sitting on the top part of the cat tree your cat will survey her domain and laying on the hammock it will take a luxury nap.

Kerbl Dolomit Cat Tree is a unique cat tree for wall mounting. If you shop for this product, it will be an impressive purchase for your little companion.


5. PAWBEE Cat Tree House

PAWBEE Cat Tree House

    • Size: 33” (H) x 24” (L) X 16” (W)
  • Item Weight: 11.2 kilograms

PAWBEE Cat Tree House belongs to the quality to indulge every need of your furry friend such as climbing, scratching, hiding, stretching, jumping etc. It is a multi-level cat tower which stands out with a batten-strengthened base and an anti-tip anchor at the back for increased stability.

This cat play tower is 33” tall with adequate space that satisfies your cat’s cozy feeling in mind. PAWBEE Cat Tree is equipped with two cozy cat condos, and an extra-large24” x 16” platform at the top which is quite roomy for two kittens.

This cat condo works as a safeguard for your furniture and other household things as it includes two scratching posts covered with natural sisal rope. That means, your lovely cat can indulge his or her instincts in this cat house and keep furniture unscratched.

Because of the natural colour tons, it is adjusted to any room decors of your house. Moreover, it is suitably fit for all spaces, big or small. Its scratching posts are sturdy enough and are covered with plush fabric to satisfy your playful cats.

PAWBEE Cat Tree is nothing but a comfortable, safe and stable cat condo that can meet all demands of your cat’s joyful life.



If you want to give your feline friend the taste of a good life you will certainly not compromise a cat tree’s quality and durability. Keeping it in mind, I would like to choose BEWISHOME Cat Tree in Beige colour because of its huge functionalities and longevity.

But you can pick any one of the products discussed above, though they are a bit expensive cat trees in the UK, but maintain all the requirements properly.

Last Updated on January 17, 2023

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