Do cats really need a cat tree

Do cats really need a cat tree?

A cat tree is considered a great source of entertainment and that’s why it is treated like an amusement park for indoor cats. Moreover, when a cat passes time in a cat tree, he feels himself a part of nature and gets the taste of joyful playtime.

Perhaps, many pet lovers cannot afford or accommodate a cat tree but an able and solicitous cat parent certainly want to arrange a cat tree for his cat’s well-being earnestly. Because this outlet is a compilation of playing, relaxing, climbing, scratching and exercising arrangements.

The necessity of having a cat tree for your feline will be felt more precisely after going through this article.

The desire for territory

Cats are naturally in need of having a territory to claim their own and they treat the territory as if it is their kingdom. In this territory, a cat feels safe enough to enjoy every activity. Sitting on a high post of a tree a cat can observe what is going on in his domain.

This particular instinct of an indoor cat could be satisfied by a cat tree as it offers a top perch from where the cat can observe the surroundings even lying in it cosily. The cat tree becomes the core area for your feline that he can call his own area and dwelling place.

If you want to offer your cat a large-sized cat tree to make him feel like a king of a large kingdom the Meerveil Cat tree could be the best as it is 186 cm high with multiple height levels and so many other options.

The instinct to scratch

Cat trees are equipped with scratching poles to meet a cat’s instinct to scratch which resist them from damaging your furniture. By scratching furniture, trees and different household items cats control their claws from growing too big and can keep them healthy.

So, providing a cat tree to your feline friend is overwhelmingly needed to satisfy their scratching demand and keep your furniture safe from getting destroyed. Remarkably, some cat tree has multiple scratching posts and some have scratching board also.

An ideal place for entertainment

A cat tree is designed in a way to meet the hunger of your cat’s climbing, jumping and relaxing also. Cats hide delightfully behind the tree leaves while playing and can have a nap on a perch of the tree. To offer more entertainment, some cat trees are equipped with dangling toys to play with which keep your cats from getting bored.

Thoughtfully Designed

A cat may consider a cat tree a reliable place of his own which can satisfy his habitual requirements. Though all these requirements could be satisfied by another piece of furniture that you have at your home but cat trees are special as they are thoughtfully designed for the felines.

Some cat trees are also designed thinking about the cat parent’s convenience also. Some of us may not have enough space to leave for a large cat tree. But don’t worry. Pippa & Max’s Floor To Ceiling Cat Tree and SmartCat Multi-Level Climber could be the best solutions to help you come out of this problem.

Physical exercise-friendly

A cat tree’s multiple surfaces, perches and poles cause a lot of physical exercises for your furry friend that ensures a healthy body. Remarkably, a cat tree can play a significant role in case of your cat’s proper growth.


When you are out of your residence a cat tree can keep your feline busy for hours and gives the company that keeps him free from loneliness. Additionally, a cat tree saves your cat from a boring life. The cat parents also become delighted watching their lovely cat’s playful activities in the company of a cat tree.

Resists cats

A domestic cat may become harmful or destructive if he doesn’t get scope for indulging his instincts. But the way a cat tree is organized offers your fur an active lifestyle not being destructive to your furniture or anything else. That means, it resists cats from playing a harmful role.

Now it can be said that cats really need a cat tree as a cat tree is such an outlet which offers the easiest way to meet a cat’s instincts and protect your furniture from getting damaged by their claws.


The positive sides of a cat tree make doubtless about its necessity. It is the source of endless fun. So, its inclusion in your house can definitely help you to keep your cats or kittens happy and healthy. In a word, Cat trees are the dream habitat for every furry friend.

Last Updated on January 17, 2023

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