Cat tree buying guide

Cat tree buying guide

Cat parents buy cat trees for the well-being of their cats. A cat tree satisfies a cat’s thirst for a playground, lounging spot, scratching posts and exercise options. That means a cat tree accumulates all these in one.

But cat trees come with different categories and different vantages or playing options as well. This variety may make a person puzzled while buying a cat tree. Bearing this issue in mind this write-up is going to focus on the features which should be looked for during buying a cat tree.

Features to be considered while buying


Stability and Sturdiness: Never make a compromise with the stability and sturdiness in the case of a cat tree. Because a perfect cat tree should be stable enough to keep your cat secured and make him feel at ease. A cat tree with a wide base tends to be stable enough to keep a balance of the entire tree.

Height: Cat trees come in different heights or sizes- small, midsize, large and extra large. If you are willing to buy a cat tree for your kittens then you may shop for a cat tree under 30 inches tall which is also ideal to place in a small place. Though it is a small structure it may have one or two platforms and a cozy cat house. While midsize cat tower is 31 inches to 49 inches high with up to 4 platforms and in some cases multilevel cat houses to accommodate multiple cats at a time.

Large cat trees with a height of 50”- 69” and extra large cat trees with heights of over 70 inches come typically with multiple levels and other features. Both sizes can withstand multiple cats at a time who love to climb perch or hide. The extra large cat tree is a piece of special cat furniture that makes the room gorgeous where it is placed. If you have multiple cats, it is better to buy either a large or an extra-large cat tree.

Scratching post: Choose cat trees designed with single or multiple scratching options to meet your cat’s demand for scratching. One should consider a cat tree a dedicated scratching post for cats. If you don’t offer your feline friends a cat tree they may damage any spot of your residence which is scratch-friendly like a sofa, curtains, rugs etc. It means a cat tree can keep your cat’s claws out of your furniture by providing scratching posts and keeping them busy with different other options.

Remarkably, choose scratching poles covered with sisal ropes because this material is just awesome as it weathers lots of scratching without fraying.

The number of hideaways and platforms: If you buy a cat tree for multiple cats you must choose a cat tree that can provide one hideaway and at least one platform per cat. Because cats are not willing to share their place of comfort.

Carrying capacity: You must pay attention to the maximum loading capacity of the cat tree that you are going to buy. And it is most important to know if you have several cats to use the tree. Moreover, some of the cheaper trees are not that stable to withstand the strong activity of even a single large cat. So, before you choose a cat tree know properly about the weight of your feline.

Multiple entertaining options: You can opt for a cat tree with a variety of entertaining options like hammocks, perches, scratching boards, tunnels, condos, and platforms with different shapes. All of these items can keep your cat or cats playful for hours when you are not around them to play with. Stay conscious of not selecting a cat tree with narrow limbs because it may put your cat at risk.

Additional and built-in accessories: Some cat trees have the option to add additional accessories like dangling toys or balls. Furthermore, some cat trees are there which are fascinating to any cat as they have built-in cat toys like hanging balls, spring balls, dangling feathers etc. These attachments can increase your cat’s entertainment when she is not busy climbing or scratching.

Types of cat trees: 3 types of cat trees are available on the market- 1)Freestanding 2) Wall-mounted 3) Hanging.

A huge number of cat trees are freestanding that don’t need to be installed and they simply require to get assembled and placed. On the other hand, if you don’t have space on your floor to leave for your cat tree you can choose a wall-mounted cat tree which requires more permanent installation on your wall. It gives your cat an exciting climbing experience.

But if you feel the wall is not strong enough to hold a wall-mounted cat tree then you may go for the hanging cat tree which could be hung from the ceiling. Cat trees of this category offer your cat a lounging spot to snooze or watch its surroundings.

Now considering all the points mentioned above, certainly, it would become easier to select the best cat tree according to your and your feline’s preferences.


Hopefully, this write-up will guide you precisely to choose the perfect cat tree for your little four-legged friend. Always remember, a cat tree is a lovely companion for your beloved cat on which it may spend a good quantity of time enjoyably. So, purchasing a cat tree should be done quite thoughtfully and seriously.

Last Updated on January 17, 2023

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