Cat carrier buying guide

Cat carrier buying guide

A cat carrier is a mode of transporting cats from one place to another securely, comfortably and conveniently. This item holds different categories with different aspects and to be honest, there is a wide range of carriers on the market. So, choosing a cat carrier with the required aspects could be overwhelming. Especially if you don’t have any clear idea about the carriers with pros and cons.

This write-up is aimed to focus on a variety of cat carriers and must-have features that you have to check during the final selection. So, certainly, this article would give you a precise guideline to buy the perfect cat carrier for your feline friend.

Features to be considered to buy a cat carrier

Carrier with advantageous features can benefit you and your feline with complete satisfaction. So, you must consider whether your selected cat carrier is having the must-have features that are mentioned here below.

Friendly to use: The carrier should not be stressful to use from any angle rather it should be user and vet friendly also.

Well ventilation: the carrier should be well ventilated to keep it suffocation free and prevent your cat from getting overheated. To ensure it the mesh panel should be large and multi-sided.

Multiple doors: A carrier that holds multiple doors is convenient to place your cat inside. This multiple-door system offers a less stressful way to coax your cat in or out of the cat carrier.

Right size: Usually a right-sized carrier follows one and a half times the size of your cat. Inside, such a carrier your cat would be able to stand, sit and turn around. A carrier too big in size is simply uncomfortable to keep balance inside while transporting because the cat gets slid from one side to another and cats never like to travel in this way.

Safety: A carrier that is sturdy and comfortable ensures safety for your pet. So, always check the durability of the carrier and matter of cosiness before you buy your cat carrier.

Entry and Exit: Opt for a carrier with both a top and front opening so that you can easily place your cat in and take her out of it. In this way, your cat can stay in the lower part of the carrier when a vet is having a check-up. Inside the carrier, make sure your cat can walk freely.

Cleaning: Choose a carrier that is easy to wash and has a leak-proof bottom. At the same time make sure a comfortable absorbent towel and other cushioned materials which are machine washable can be placed on the bottom.

Visual shield: A carrier with a visual shield lessens your cat’s motion-induced anxiety or stomach distress.

Attractive Appearance: An attractive look of a carrier invites your cat to be contained inside it. And if your cat becomes fascinated to stay in it the carrier would become a comfortable habitat for your cat.

Closures: Closures or latches made of robust plastic are the best to ensure strong security because even clever cats can’t break it to come out. So try to avoid zipper and velcro closures.

Now buy a carrier having above mentioned features as much as possible because it will make your cat feel like secured and cozy.

Pros and cons of different carriers


Cardboard carrier: Cardboard carriers are not long-lasting at all, They can be collapsed easily and do not offer your cat a comfortable turnaround. It is not easily cleanable and some cats chew through it.

Soft carriers: A soft carrier is constructed with sturdy but flexible materials. They are not heavy like hard plastic carriers. Even some are not as supportive as a hard plastic carrier. Some soft carriers hold more than one opening but these carriers are not easily cleanable if your cat vomits due to carsickness.

Suitcase-style rolling carriers: These types of carriers are a bit larger for cats. The positive side is, they offer your Catto to observe their surroundings. While rolling in the carrier some cats may get frightened by the movement on bumpy roads.

Hard plastic carriers: A perfect–sized hard carrier provides more space for the cat to turn around and stretch out. It also offers your cat a feeling of security. Most of the hard plastic cat carriers’ tops can be taken off. These carriers are easily cleanable and more durable than others.

Backpack: A backpack carrier helps the user to keep both of his hands free during a journey or doing any activities taking the pet along. Its large transparent window offers your cat a panoramic view to enjoy. Expandable backpacks provide more space for your feline but when the cat is carried on the owner’s back some people feel the space inside the carrier is congested for the cat.

Hopefully, now it has been easier to decide which category you will go for.


If your cat feels his carrier is a second home or a haven when he is away from home and is contained in it, then it is considered the perfect one for your little friend. So, for getting a haven-like carrier, always consider one that satisfies your feline’s requirements and your convenience.

Last Updated on January 17, 2023

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