best wet cat food for kittens uk

Best Wet Cat Food For Kittens UK

Who doesn’t like variety in a regular diet? Kittens are not exceptional. They like to have different types of tastes from different meals and if they get wet cat food the meal becomes special. Because wet diet keeps your cat hydrated by delivering him food with extra moisture.

As wet cat food can take extra care of your kittens so we are having the best-wet cat food for kittens in our collection on which a round-up has been given here.


1. Lily’s Kitchen Smooth Pate for Kitten

Lily's Kitchen Smooth Pate for Kitten

  • Name of flavour: Chicken and Beef Pate
  • Size: 19 x 85g

Lily’s Kitchen Smooth Pate for Kitten is thoughtfully prepared for kittens. It is nutritious and completely grain-free wet cat food. This diet is made with 30% chicken, 10% trout, 21% pork and 4% beef. Your pet will get this food in pate shape. The pates are soft and maintain a smooth texture.

This kitten food doesn’t include any sugar and works with only natural ingredients. Remarkably, Lily’s Kitchen Smooth Pate for Kitten contains essential taurin which is truly important for the betterment of your cat’s health.

If you want to bring a change in your cat’s food items with Lily’s Kitchen Pate, then start to add this diet bit by bit mixing with the food he has been continuing and day by day increase the proportion of Lily’s Kitchen Pate until you are serving only this particular pate.

It will take around a week for your kitten to get adjusted to this super nutritious diet.


2. PRO PLAN CAT Nutrisavour Kitten wet food

PRO PLAN CAT Nutrisavour Kitten

  • Name of flavour: Turkey
  • Size: 850 grams(Pack of 4)

PRO PLAN CAT Nutrisavour Kitten wet food is a completely balanced diet which is specially prepared for kittens below 1 year old. It helps a kitten to grow with proper physical development as it contains essential nutrients. It also promotes healthy vision and brain development.

Due to the high nutritional character of this diet kittens become very much busy with their functionalities. This food is prepared with tender Turkey chunks, enriched with protein, that follows a delicious wet recipe.

PRO PLAN CAT Nutrisavour Kitten wet food is free from artificial colours and flavours. It can also take proper care of your feline’s kidneys as it increases water consumption. This diet is supportive of your kitten’s dental care as it may reduce tartar build-up.


3. HiLife Wet Kitten Food

HiLife Wet Kitten Food

  • Flavour Name: Chicken
  • The shape of the Item: Pate

HiLife Wet Kitten Food is made for kittens aged 1 to 12 months. This diet is grain free and contains pates prepared with tender chicken (over 50%) and other natural ingredients. Tender chicken ensures amino acids necessary for growth and cell renewal.

A whole pack of HiLife Wet Kitten Food weighs 2.24 kilograms and contains 32 individual pouches with 70 gm of food. By feeding this food to your feline regularly you can ensure 100% complete nutrition for your kitten.

This diet doesn’t include any artificial additives. But it includes Chicory to maintain healthy gut flora, natural oils with Omega 3 and 6 to offer healthy skin, and Yucca extracts to control stool odour. HiLife Wet Kitten Food is made to maintain your kitten’s health and happiness.


4. IAMS Delights Wet Food for Kittens

IAMS Delights Wet Food for Kittens

  • Name of style: Kitten
  • Form of item: Gravy, wet

IAMS Delights Wet Food for Kittens is a 100% balanced premium pet food. It maintains healthy digestion and an essential level of nutrition. Your kittens will surely become delighted getting IAMS wet food with chicken in gravy. Because the taste of this food is truly irresistible.

This diet is suitable for kittens of 1-12 months. The bulk pack contains 12 pouches and each pouch contains 85 grams of wet food but the package may vary.

IAMS Delights Wet Food is made of quality ingredients to build muscles, develop bones and make the immune system strong. This premium food product provides key nutritional benefits to make your kitten’s life healthier and happier than ever before.


5. Thrive Kittens 100% COMPLETE – CHICKEN

 thrive Kitten 100% COMPLETE - CHICKEN

  • Flavour: Chicken
  • Size: 75 grams(Pack of 12)

Thrive Kitten 100% COMPLETE – CHICKEN is a 100% balanced and complete diet for kittens. You can offer this diet to your kitten four or five times a day if she is below six months and when she becomes more than 6 months of age two meals a day are quite fine.

The only protein source of this diet is 100% chicken breast which can completely meet the nutritional requirement of your kitten. To offer your kittens the optimum level of hydration this wet food contains free liquid that is water.

Thrive Kitten 100% COMPLETE – CHICKEN doesn’t include grain, gluten or meat derivatives. It doesn’t even add artificial colour, flavour or preservative.



All the food products mentioned here are not the same, rather differ from one another based on taste, ingredients and food value as well.

So, try to know first, what type of ingredients are needed for your kitten’s body and the taste she likes. Finally, pick the food products keeping your feline’s choice and the requirements of her body in consideration.

Last Updated on June 20, 2023

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