best cat window perch

Best Cat Window Perch

A cat window perch always invites your cat to enjoy the outside vision of your home. It deters a cat’s feeling of living his days captived. Moreover, it is a post from where your cat can lord over his kingdom.

A few cat window perches are on the market you can really count on to entertain your cats or kittens which are described in brief here.

Best Cat Window Perch To Purchase In 2022

Here are our 7 Best Cat Window Perch

1. K&H Pet Products Kitty Sill Cat Window

K&H Pet Products Cat Window

  • Colour Name: Fleece
  • Dimensions: 61 x 35.6 x 30.5 centimetres/14 X 24 Inches
    L x W x H
  • Weight: 657 gm

Our Kitty Sill Cat Window Perch is a hammock-like bed which is remarkably strong. It can accommodate the heaviest cats that weigh up to 40 pounds. This perch includes super-soft orthopaedic foam and a faux lambskin cover which is easy to wash.

It offers your cat day-long comfort, the opportunity to sunbathe and a way to observe outdoor happenings. This functional product is an outcome of 20 years of creative experience delivered by K&H Pet Products.

Kitty Sill Cat Window Perch is an outstanding and unique cat window perch. This is also an affordable cat bed that you can count on for the great amusement of your beloved feline friends.


2. K&H EZ Mount Penthouse

K&H EZ Mount Penthouse

  • Colour: Gray/ black
  • Dimensions: 58.4 x 49.5 x 73.7 centimetres
    L x W x H
  • Weight: 1.68 kg

K&H EZ Mount Penthouse is a wonderful window-mounted cat perch. It works like an entertainment room for your feline friend. It features a built-in ledge to offer easy entrance and exit. This perch can mount to most windows or glass doors.

Your cat can sunbathe, snooze and watch birds sitting on this perch. This spot includes a plush microfleece sleeping surface and meshes for clear views. The plush microfleece surface is a comfortable and secure place for a completely restful sleep.

You can attach this cat perch to any window with the given powerful suction-cup mounting system. Lying on this perch your kitty or cat will get warm by basking in the sun’s rays and enjoy outside activities also.

K&H EZ Mount Penthouse has got a cabin-like shape. This unique cat bed is sturdy and cosy. A cat can lie on the upper side of this cabin also. Any feline would love this product no doubt.


3. Sweetgo Cat Window Perch

sweetgo Cat Window Perch

  • Size: 24”x12”
  • Item Weight: 2.31 kg
  • Colour: white

The Sweetgo Cat Window Perch is an impressive and elegant look cat perch. It includes a good quality super soft sponge cushion with a plush cover. You can remove this cover for easy wash. This perch has a maximum holding limit of 35 lbs.

This cat window perch consists of 1 MDF board, 2 iron support shelves and 1 cushion. This luxury cat bed offers your cat an optimum level of cosy feeling. Lying in this resting place your cat can enjoy the natural vision and also take sunbathing.

It is for sure that shopping for Sweetgo Cat Window Perch will be a pleasing and amazing gift for your adorable cats.


4. K&H Universal Mount Kitty Sill

K&H Universal Mount Kitty

  • Size: 14 X 24 Inches
  • Colour: Hooded Fleece
  • Weight: 1.91 kilograms

K&H Universal Mount Kitty Sill is a unique design modern cat perch. You can easily attach it to most of the windows with 3 suction cups. Its hood offers semi privacy and the orthopaedic foam provides comfort and convenience.

Erecting this perch does not require any use of tools. It is sturdy enough for any size of cat. It features a lookout window and its removable cover is machine washable.

Use mild detergent and cold water to wash it on a gentle cycle. Always dry it completely before reuse and when it is time to clean the frames of the perch, wipe off it with a damp cloth.

K&H Universal Mount Kitty Sill is an innovative quality product which is aimed at making your felines’ lives better. This is a wonderful cat product and shopping for this perch will certainly make you very happy.


5. Tempcore Cat Window Perch

Tempcore Cat Window Perch

  • Colour: Black
  • Dimensions: 58.4 x 30.5 x 2.5 centimetres
    L x W x H
  • Weight: 581 grams

Our Tempcore Cat Window Perch offers a perfect place for your cats to enjoy sunbathing and the wonderful panoramic outside. You can place it not only on a window glass but also on any other smooth surface like wall tile, stainless steel etc.

Erecting this window hammock is just a simple task as it has very few parts. So, it takes a few minutes to assemble or disassemble. The perch includes machine washable mesh which is easy to wash on the gentle cycle with cold water and gets dry in low heat.

This Tempcore Cat Window Perch is an elevated steady base which is reliable and solid. You will get this quality product at the best budget price. So purchasing this particular window perch will make you and your little companion truly happy.


6. K&H EZ Mount Window Bed

K&H EZ Mount Window Bed

  • Colour: Tan
  • Dimensions: 68.6 x 15.2 x 27.9 centimetres
    L x W x H
  • Weight: 589.67 grams

K&H EZ Mount Window Bed is a wonderful retreat for your kitty where she can snooze, sunbathe and gets the scope of watching birds. This window-mounted bed is designed with an exit on the left or the right for easy access in any window.

The sleeping spot of this kitty bed holds a removable and special pad that traps the kitty’s dander and hair like a magnet. It satisfies your kitty’s instinct of sitting on a high post and basking in the warm sun.

As the kitty will spend ample time in this window bed so it is assisting you to keep messy hair off your furniture. This cat bed has a maximum weight recommendation of 9 kilograms.

K&H EZ Mount Window Bed turns your window into an entertainment lounge within a short while. As a bonus, the room where you place it looks really beautiful due to its nice outlook.


7. ZALALOVA Cat Perch


  • Colour Name: Beige
  • Item Weight: 862 g

Our ZALALOVA Cat Perch is a window-mounted cat bed with a delicate design. Its simple assembly does not require any tools. This bed offers your cat a pleasing lounge in the house from where he can enjoy the outside view of nature.

Its reinforced screw suction cups can adhere to the wall better than before, reducing the fall rate from 25% to only about 5%. These suction cups have a maximum carrying limit of 60 lbs.

This spacious perch can accommodate your 15 lbs and 29 lbs cats together. They can play and jump onto it without feeling crowded.

This bed is an interesting place for cats who are fond of basking in the sun and sitting on a high post. Its seat cover is breathable, easily washable, long-lasting and free from chemical smell. This seat includes an anultra-soft, machine-washable fleece cushion that offers your cat a snoring sleep.

In low temperatures, the suction cups may become hard to work properly. You can put them in hot water for 2 minutes before use to regain their expected suction force. ZALALOVA Cat Perch is a nice piece of hanging cat bed from where your cat will rarely want to get down.



To be honest, the cat perches marked here deliver a precise idea through this roundup which is certainly helpful for you to pick the best cat window perch for your furry friend.

All these top-rated perches with their features make your cat or kitten float in a blissful state.

Last Updated on January 17, 2023

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