Are cat carrier backpacks safe

Are cat carrier backpacks safe?

Cat carrier backpacks are a newer and stylish addition to the cat carrier horizon, with a modern look. But have you found yourself thinking quite seriously about having a cat backpack to carry your cat along with you for travelling long distances? Then this write-up will surely help you to take a deliberate decision.

Different cats favour different cat carriers. Some may like a cat backpack and some may be any of the traditional carriers. It happens due to personal preference which depends on the pros and cons of a carrier.

Benefits of a cat backpack

A cat backpack can keep your both hands free which is convenient for you to accomplish some activities if you need.

It can protect your cat from aggressive animals as it keeps your cat up high off the ground.

When you carry any of the other carriers from one place to another, it swings in your arm while walking but a backpack carrier remains more stable when you carry it on your back.

A cat backpack takes little space to store. So, it is convenient to transport or store anywhere.

Usually, backpack adopts plastic made bubble-shaped large size window which offers your cat to watch out the nature with adventure and thus agitated cats remain calm down.

Backpacks are considered soft-sided carriers. Due to the softness, many cats prefer backpacks to hard carriers, though hard carriers ensure additional security. On the other hand, it is considered that everyday travel doesn’t require additional protection. So, the service of a backpack is satisfactory enough to use regularly.

Make safer use of a cat backpack

Cat backpacks are safe for your cats but to ensure added safety while using a cat backpack you should consider the following ones.

Inside a backpack, a cat may remain for 6 hours but if you need to keep him some more time then plan your journey with breaks. Because they need to drink water, stretch their muscles and have an access to a litter box.

Any type of cat carrier needs enough time to get fascinated by the pet and so it happens in the case of the backpack also. So, give time to your pet and pay attention to developing a positive association between your cat and the backpack so that your cat can feel it is a friendly habitat for him.

When your cat is loaded, don’t place it on a high surface like a table or anything high. Because the cat’s movement may cause a fall of the backpack from a high surface. Even if you set it on the car seat without any help from a seatbelt, it may cause an accident.

A floor can be considered a safer place to put a backpack for a while but be conscious if it is a walking way because it may bring the risk of a dog attack or other accident.

Pay attention to the entire environment and if it is not friendly it will be simply unwise to leave your cat unattended when he is inside the backpack.

Any cat carriers including backpacks become hot during summer. On the other hand, cats are susceptible to heatstroke. So, be careful about the temperature of the weather and try to use the cat backpack in cool weather.

Before you buy a cat backpack consider the measurements of your cat’s body. If the carrier is at least 1.5 times taller and 1.5 times wider than your cat, then your cat will be able to stand easily as well as turn around freely in the carrier.

Weigh your cat properly and notice whether it is befitted to the backpack’s maximum carrying limit. If the limit crosses, over time the backpack’s straps would wear down and your cat could become at risk. So, buying the right size backpack will ensure a safe journey with your cat.

The backpack’s large transparent window works to give your feline additional stimulation. That means it is more enjoyable than the other carriers and works for your furry friend’s recreation.

If a backpack contains catnip or a favourite toy, it becomes a charming place for your beloved cat.

You can use a feline pheromone spray inside the backpack to make its environment more comfortable and stress-free.

All the above-mentioned considerations imply that cat carrier backpacks are nothing but safe for your lovely feline friend.


To be honest, a cat becomes accustomed to a cat backpack gradually and then it is considered an adorable way to carry the cat.

So, give your cat enough time to get habituated to the cat backpack and stay effortful to build up a friendly relationship between your cat and the backpack which could make your feline feel that the carrier is beneficial and comfortable also for him.

Last Updated on January 17, 2023

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